RAYTRADE UK LIMITED was founded and incorporated in the United Kingdom in April 2016. The Company was granted the Remington Arms Company, wholesale distribution rights for the United Kingdom in August 2016, offering the Remington, Marlin, Barnes and other affiliated brands of firearms, ammunition and associated accessories. Raytrade wholesale supply to the Registered Firearms Dealer retail market across the United Kingdom. The Hampshire Head Office and Warehouse opened in January 2017.


RAYTRADE is:        “The Home of Remington in the UK’. 


Raytrade’s sister company in Australia, Raytrade Pty Ltd, has been Remington’s sole wholesale distributor in Australia for over 35 years.


We are the new kid on the block with decades of experience with our Remington products, services and support.


We never forget that we depend on you, our customers, serving your needs is what RAYTRADE exists for.  Everything that we do must be focused on better serving you, our customers.